Increase donations in your church with contactless payment technology

Cash donations are reducing in churches every year and our society itself is becoming cashless.

The good news is that donations from cards (in particular contactless) are increasing, not only in churches but across all sectors.

We have been worked with our partners to develop solutions to help churches make up and even surpass the loss created from this change in spending habits.

Increasing your church donations is only a few clicks away. Simply order a PassBox or GivingStation and you’ll be up and running in a matter of days.

Plus: You can increase the value of your donations by 25% with Gift Aid!

If you have any questions visit our Q&A section or get in touch.

We are proud to have supplied solutions to The Church of England, EKD (Germany) and the Episcopal Church (USA) as well as many others.


The GivingStation is a high quality solution with a large 10″ screen.
Ideal for church foyers.  

Learn more about The GivingStation


PassBox is a great multi purpose solution for collecting donations in a fixed location or as a modern alternative to you collection plate.

Learn more about PassBox 



As we edge ever closer to a completely cashless society, it has became increasingly more important for churches and charitable organisations to embrace new technology to keep up with the times.

When the Church of England approached Forme Studio (now Payaz) to design a solution for enabling contactless donations we were happy to help. Working closely with partners as Visa and SumUp we designed a number of prototype solutions which were tested over a period of a year.

Initial trials proved very successful with churches reporting up to a 97% increase in donations being made at services trialling a digital collection box* (now called PassBox).

Based on the data collected, we worked on a design which would maximise ease of use and sit comfortably in its surroundings. Soon after we began the manufacture followed by a large scale deployment.



PassBox’ing in the USA

Whilst the PassBox looks like a simple solution, it is the product of several years of field testing and feedback based on trails with churches and organisations around the world.

In 2019, after seeing successful trials in the UK and Ireland, The Episcopal Church in America approached Payaz for a digital collection for use in regular services.

We worked on several prototype designs, improving on the units we had produced previously. A final design was agreed and our first shipment of units soon made their way to the US.

Since then we have continued to innovate and develop the PassBox into the final product available here. The PassBox is now available to use in over 30 countries around the world.

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