Increase donations in your church with contactless payment technology


The modern world requires modern solutions. Cash donations are reducing in churches every year and our society itself is becoming cashless.

The good news however is that donations from cards (in particular contactless) are increasing not only in churches but across all sectors.

Over the last number of years we have been working with our partners to develop physical equipment and strategies to help churches and charities make up and even surpass* the loss created from this change in spending habits.

We are proud to have supplied solutions to The Church of England, EKD (Germany) and the Episcopal Church (USA) as well as many others.

Whilst the products listed on this site allow individual churches to easily start receiving card payments we also supply custom solutions to churches requiring such services.

These services can be as simple as discounted rates for large scale deployments or as complex as complete custom enclosures with bespoke software.

If you feel that your organisation could benefit from our help, please get in touch.

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PassBox is our ‘off the shelf’ solution making it possible
to start collecting donations in a matter of minutes.   

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As we edge ever closer to a completely cashless society, it has became increasingly more important for churches and charitable organisations to embrace new technology to keep up with the times.

When the Church of England approached Forme Studio (now Payaz) to design a solution for enabling contactless donations we were happy to help. Working closely with partners as Visa and SumUp we designed a number of prototype solutions which were tested over a period of a year.

Initial trials proved very successful with churches reporting up to a 97% increase in donations being made at services trialling a digital collection box* (now called PassBox).

Based on the data collected, a final solution was agreed and we began the manufacture followed by a large scale deployment.



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