Enable your church with contactless payment technology and start accepting donations in minutes

After extensive testing, Payaz have developed the PassBox as a solution to increase donations for churches wishing to adopt contactless technology.

The PassBox has been designed with market leading features to maximise on ease and frequency of donations.

Low cost purchase price and transaction rates combined with customisation options, user friendly software and world leading SumUp payment technology mean that churches adopting to this technology quickly see a return on investment.

PassBox can be used either as a pass around solution (similar to a traditional basket) or in a stationary position on a mains power supply.

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How do I get started with passbox?

To get up and running with your PassBox you need to
run through 3 simple steps.

  1. Order your PassBox from our shop.
  2. Sign up with SumUp using our link. It is very important that you sign up with the link so that we can track your account.
  3. When you receive your equipment download and install the Payaz App from the Google Playstore.

You can also find lots of information and instructions on how set up in our Guides & Resources and Q&A section.

What does it cost?

• A one time cost for the PassBox unit.
• From £7.50+vat per month for your Payaz software.*
• 1.69% Transaction Fee

* No minimum term (you can cancel any at time)

How does it work?

The PassBox works using 4 key elements: A SumUp Air reader, a mobile phone, our Payaz app and the PassBox itself.

The SumUp Air reader and mobile phone act as the hardware to handle transactions.

The Payaz App acts as as a user friendly interface for users to donate easily. This is achieved using large and clear buttons. Customised branding also aids familiarity and inspires confidence to give comfortably.

The PassBox combines these items together into an integrated and dynamic package, providing a safe and friendly solution for freewill giving.


PassBox users* can also take advantage of an ever growing list of features such as telephone and online donations** as well as detailed analytics and management systems.***

* With up to date Payaz App account

** Currently requires some additional set up. Contact for more information.

*** Device and transaction analytics can currently be accessed via An extensive list of additional features will be available via soon.

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