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Grow donations to your charity with a contactless giving solutions.

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Economies around the world are increasingly moving away from cash as digital technology revolutionises the way we donate/pay for goods & services.

Growth of electronic payments and a decline in the use of physical money has ensued – so much so, that by 2026 it is predicted that in the UK only 21% of transactions will be made using cash.

The world is rapidly adapting to an economy set on this cashless trajectory with cash-reliant sectors now looking towards a future whereby ‘tap and go’ transactions are the new normal.

Whether you require a custom design or an ‘off the shelf’ quick turnaround solution, we can help to increase donations* to your organisation.

Let us help you to identify the optimum solution for your organisation with an aim to grow donations through a user-friendly, technology-driven cashless solutions.

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* Recent research shows that on average individual donations increase with the use of card technology.

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We began a project with Trocaire in Ireland with support from Visa with a clear objective to develop a cashless version of their famous box capable of driving donation value within a retail environment.

Working closely with the team at Trocaire we trialled a number of solutions including donation amounts, box size, identified best locations etc… before settling on a product which was rolled out to support the popular Lenten campaign.

The new boxes received excellent results with data showing donations increasing, on average, by a multiple of 7.