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Card and contactless payments
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For charitable organisations and businesses wishing to maximise on income, a ‘cash only’ strategy is no longer an option. The use of cash has dropped significantly in recent years with many people no longer carrying it at all and those who are not accepting contactless payments are losing out on much needed income. 

However, the good news is that those accepting card and contactless payments or donations are not only matching previous income but surpassing them and it is now easy, fast and cost effective to set up! 

For Business: Card payments are now expected for even small businesses and those who can not provide this option are often considered untrustworthy or overlooked due to being an inconvenience. Many banks are now charging for cash lodgments and meaning that digital transactions are now more cost effective than ever.

For Charity: We have seen charities and churches more than double their income when using our equipment.

Why? Because the amount given through contactless donations is on average 3 times larger than those with cash. A recent report carried out (at national level) amongst churches reported that the average cash donation is just £3.80 compared to £11.79 for contactless giving.

If you want to increase donations in your church or charity, contactless technology should be top of your priority list.

Payaz card payment systems
GivingStation Donation Kiosk


Designed specifically to help charities and churches raise funds via card and mobile donations, our products provide maximum impact and usability. 

Well packaged designs not only look attractive but also generate trust in your organisation by presenting donors with professional looking systems that they feel comfortable using.

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Whether you run a café kiosk or repair boilers, cash is becoming an increasingly more difficult method of payment for your customers. Many members of the public no longer use cash at all and this means that businesses without the facility to accept card payments become an unnecessary hassle.

Enabling your business for card payments can be done in a matter of minutes with a very low entry cost. Give your customers the payment options they need and grow you business.

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Payaz SumUp Solo being used for a cafe payment

To make the magic happen we work with some great partners:

Give a little

All of our donation devices come pre-installed with Give a little which we truly believe to be the market leader in donation software.

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Sum Up

SumUp are a leading payment processing platform trusted by over 4 million business around the world. Partnering with SumUp allows us to provide a simple sign up process, no monthly fees and 1.69% processing.

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Who are Payaz?

We are a UK based business with our head office and production facility in Northern Ireland.

After working for a number of years developing and testing products to aid contactless donations for churches and charities we first officially opened for business in 2019. 

We could see that there was a change in spending methods as cash became secondary to card and digital. This meant that there was a genuine need for those relying on donations to align with these trends or suffer a decline in income. 

Our remit was simple: Increase charitable income through the use of technology. 

Since the beginning we have strived to find the best ways to use our hardware to maximise their effectiveness at helping good causes. Whether that means developing our products to attract and increase charitable donations or simply ensuring that as much of our packaging is recyclable as possible, we aim to make a difference. 

As the company has grown our products have changed and expanded in to new markets but our ethos remains to use our tech for good. We continue to gather data, listen to feedback and constantly develop so that we can be confident that our customers can enjoy the benefits of our products.