Our ethos and values to
enable ‘Tech for good’ .

At Payaz, we strive to be more than just a technology or payments company. Our core values centre around making a positive impact and fostering sustainability. We firmly believe that businesses have a responsibility to invest in sustainable practices in order to shape the world in a positive way.

While many companies use the term “Tech for good,” we recognise that it’s not just about creating technology that does good. It’s also about how we utilise our resources to support noble causes and minimise our impact on the environment.

As our company has grown, our commitment to applying this ethos in a positive way has become a primary focus moving to the forefront of what we do. We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we continuously strive to improve and ensure that our technology serves the greater good.

So how do we use our ‘tech for good’?

Our products: We take great pride in knowing that one of the ways we contribute to making a difference is through our actual products. Our offerings have enabled charities to collect donations, resulting in millions of pounds raised for great causes. We invest significant time and effort into optimising our products to maximise income for those in need.

Sustainability: We prioritise sustainability by constantly evaluating our business practices to take positive environmental action and reduce our carbon footprint. Our efforts include utilising recyclable packaging to the greatest extent possible, recycling approximately 90% of our waste, and minimising unnecessary shipping both inbound and outbound.

Giving back

This is another crucial aspect of our mission. Each year, we make several donations to support charities and good causes. We believe in practising what we preach, which is why giving back is a top priority for us. Our contributions extend beyond monetary donations; we also volunteer our time and resources to actively participate in charitable activities.

Moving forward: We aim to establish a more formal approach to our donations. One initiative we are actively trying  to implement is a 1% pledge. This means that we will set aside 1% of our profits each year to support good causes. At the end of each financial year, we will allocate a specific fund for donating to charity. This not only allows us to contribute more financially, but also enables us to monitor the donation process, accept applications, and provide reports on the impact we have made.

Additionally, we have plans to further emphasise charitable participation within our team. We will encourage and support our employees to actively engage in volunteering and other endeavours that benefit the community at large.

In conclusion, at Payaz, our commitment to doing good goes beyond just our technology. We strive to have a positive impact on the world by supporting charitable causes, implementing sustainable practices, and fostering a culture of giving back. We will continue to advance in these areas to ensure our technology works for the greater good of all involved.



We began a project with Trocaire in Ireland with support from Visa with a clear objective to develop a cashless version of their famous box capable of driving donation value within a retail environment.

Working closely with the team at Trocaire we trialled a number of solutions including donation amounts, box size, identified best locations etc… before settling on a product which was rolled out to support the popular Lenten campaign.

The new boxes received excellent results with data showing donations increasing, on average, by a multiple of 7.