Solutions for everyone.

Our mission is to supply a holistic solution
for charitable donations.

Payaz is a company that has grown from a genuine need for a complete donation solution.

Back in 2018 our creative agency ‘Forme Studio’ was approached by one of our clients to conceptualise and design a prototype unit for church donations.

Whilst the initial designs were eventually shelved, we realised that there was potential for similar products in the real world.

We set about working on further designs and through this work met some fantastic partners working on projects with clients such as Visa and SumUp.

We worked on many prototype designs even dipping into the world of fashion and football with concepts for Gucci and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Finally after the successful deployment of several high profile projects we decided that the timing was right to launch Payaz and bring our products and services  to a wider audience.

This is only the beginning of our journey and we hope that our products and services will going on to help great causes for years to come!

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