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Contactless payments are changing the way we do business. One of the unique things that we noticed are the flexibility of our solutions across a wide variety of sectors.

Whether you need a donation station for the entrance to a museum, a ‘queue beater’ for a festival tent our even contactless payment terminals for a fleet of private hire taxis, it is very likely that we can help.

In the fluid environment of contactless payments we have found our solutions to be more than up to the job.

Please get in touch if you think that you may have a project that we could help with.

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* Recent research shows that on average individual donations increase with the use of card technology.



We are currently in the process of delivering over 1000 devices to a large UK based taxi company. This involves not only supplying the devices but also a complete integration of software with the companies current management and bookings system (and App).

*Client confidentiality prevents us from naming a present.

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