Data SIM kit 500mb PB continuation

£42.00 + VAT / year

All SIM cards are not equal. We have worked hard to find a true market leading solution for mobile data.

Unlike standard mobile sims our Machine to Machine (M2M) data card is a true multi network solution meaning that you always have the best, most reliable service on your device. M2M cards are designed specifically to handle data and switch between network suppliers to acquire the strongest network in your area.

Add 500mb per / month of data to your device current device.

For those currently use on existing a Payaz devices.


In order to operate your equipment you must register with SumUp. Please use this link to register to benefit from Payaz specific settings*. Registration is free and only takes 5 minutes.

* If you already have a SumUp account you do not need to register again however some additional configuration may be required.

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