Questions and Answers.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions regarding Payaz. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer it for you.

Who are Payaz?

Payaz have been working with churches, charities and financial organisations since early 2018. Projects were initially direct commissions from our clients. However in April 2019 we took the step of developing products which can be made more widely available to interested parties.

Working with our partners, SumUp and Give A Little we have created a range of products which combine the most cost effective, safe and user friendly solutions in to a single holistic solution.

Why use the Payaz App?

Using the Payaz app is a cost effective way to increase donations:

Our app allows you to collect Gift Aid* meaning that the donations you receive are worth 25% more. For every £1 donated you receive £1.25!

If you receive just £40 in donations in a month (or £10p/w) the app will pay for itself.**

The app is also fully customisable with your branding meaning that as well as looking professional, you can provide a familiar and trustworthy image.

The app provides a user friendly interface with clear buttons meaning that collecting donations is easy!


*Currently only available in the UK. ROI updated due soon.
*£40 donations would earn an additional £10 with Gift Aid covering monthly cost.

What is the Payaz App?

Payaz provides Point of Donation software, allowing you to provide a great donation experience for your donors and receive donations via most industry payment cards and Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Payaz is available as an Android App that works on most Android devices (v5.0 and above), and connects via bluetooth to a SumUp payment card reader. Your Android device will need to have internet connectivity.

What does it all cost?

Our costs are simple.
1. Initial outlay for equipment: PassBox or GivingStation.
2. £7.50+vat per month for Payaz software.
3. 1.69% fee on each transaction.

Where can I see my transaction data?

Because we partner with SumUp and use the ‘Give A Little Engine’ to power our app, you have two options available for viewing your transaction information in more detail.
Using your SumUp login details you can view campaign data, Gift Aid and set up web campaigns at:
or at: can provide a detailed dashboard and information on payouts etc.

What size are Payaz products?

The GivingStation is: 233W x 300H x 267D mm

The PassBox is: 192W x 192H x 30D mm

The PassBox standing on base is: 192W x 190H x 185D mm

What countries does Payaz / SumUp work in?

If you are based in the UK, Europe or USA* we can provide the equipment which works for you. No need to do anything, we will send you the correct device based on your location.

There are over 1 million active users of SumUp in 31 countries.


* Orders to the USA us a slightly different internal unit and may be despatched / delivered in two packages.

Gift Aid

The Payaz app allows for Gift Aid.
Gift Aid increases the value of a donation to charities by allowing UK taxpayers to reclaim basic rate tax on their gift. Basic rate tax is 20 per cent meaning that if someone gives £10 and adds Gift Aid, it’s worth £12.50 to the receiving charity. If the donor is a UK higher-rate taxpayer, they can also receive back up to 31.5% of their gift through a tax reclaim if they have registered for Gift Aid.

You can view Gift Aid information on the Give A Little dashboard and export as a report, for a specific calendar date period of your choosing. Exported reports are pre-formatted for HMRC (UK), being made available as a CSV document, which can be opened with any spreadsheet software or even a simple text editor.

Do regular donors need to add Gift Aid details each time they donate?

A donor’s details are associated with their payment card, so every time they donate with the same card the transaction is marked as Gift Aid eligible without asking for their details again.

Can I take online donations?

Yes, if you would like to set up online donations we must verify that you are a charity before you can publish online donation campaigns. To this end, after first registering with SumUp, please send the following information to

  • Charity number, or reason for exemption & HMRC charity reference
  • Charity name
  • SumUp merchant account
  • SumUp merchant owner email address

We will confirm by email when you have been verified.

I can’t connect the Payaz app with my SumUp card reader

If Payaz can’t find your card reader when you tap “Connect terminal” it could mean your reader is paired with another app. To resolve this

  1. Turn off your SumUp reader (hold down the power button on the side for a few seconds).
  2. Hold down the power button to turn the reader back on and continue holding down the button until you see the message “Release for BT…” displayed on the screen (if your reader doesn’t have a screen count to 5 then release).
  3. Tap “Connect terminal” in the menu in Payaz and follow the instructions.

Can I run multiple devices with a single app seat?

No. You must use a different account for each. Contact us to add additional devices / seats or log on (with you SumUp details) to:

I can’t find the Payaz App menu

Payaz operates in fullscreen mode on your Android device to make sure as much of your brand is seen as possible by your donors. This means we also hide the menu button. To reveal the menu either:

1. swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the menu button in the top left; or

2. swipe in from the left of the screen.

An SMS payment option is displayed confusing the donor

You may see an issue that when a donor selects an amount, instead of being invited to tap their card, they are asked to select how they would like to pay by card reader or by SMS. SMS payment is an optional setting in your SumUp merchant account. To disable it login into your SumUp account > Tap the settings icon, this is a cog in the bottom right corner of the screen > Tap on “Payment methods” > Uncheck the SMS option.

I'm going to take a lot of large donations, is this OK?

Absolutely! The only thing to be aware of is that SumUp have an anti-fraud system that may not like this if it’s the first time you’re collecting. To avoid transactions being declined by this system you can get in touch with SumUp (