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MiFi Router

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The Wifi router is existing Payaz SIM / Data customers and router has been pre-configured for Payaz SIM cards.

Payaz MiFi is ideal for locations that do not have a standard internet connection but also suffer from poor mobile signal. This mobile router acts as a booster for the data SIM and can be placed in a location such as window sill to pick up maximum signal. Your Payaz donation system can then connect via Wifi to the router.

Whether you are adding this data where wifi is not available or as a back up you can be confident that the Payaz SIM will perform.

Unlike standard mobile SIMs our Machine to Machine (M2M) data card is a true multi network solution meaning that you always have the best, most reliable service on your device. M2M cards are designed specifically to handle data and switch between network suppliers to acquire the strongest network in your area.


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Out of stock