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LM84 DIY Donation Frame


Payaz are proud to exclusively offer the Give A Little Donation Frame (LM84) produced by The 3D Room.

The LM84 is a DIY solution for those who require a low cost entry point to contactless donations. Designed to be used with a SumUp Air or Stripe WisePad 3 card reader, Lenovo M8 Gen 4 tablet and the Give A Little Android app, the LM84 is a compact and attractive enclosure to enable your organisation to accept card and contactless payments.

The frame can be wall mounted or used as a counter top point of donation to collect contactless donations. Tablet, card reader and cables bought separately. Counter-top mounting legs are optional. Please see below description section for information on assembly and required components.

Designed and 3D printed in the UK and produced using PLA filament produced in the UK by 3D Quality Filaments

• Safely accept all major debit & credit cards and digital payments

• Earn 25% more with Gift Aid 

• Set up for donations in less than 20 minutes

• 1.69% transaction fee (lowest on the market)

• No paperwork


PLEASE NOTE: Set up of the LM84 is a DIY solution and requires a more set up that other ‘off the shelf’ solutions and good working knowledge of Android devices.

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The Give A Little Donation Frame LM84 is an ideal solution for those looking for a low cost entry point to contactless donations.

Package includes:
• 3D printed Donation Frame, and suitable side security screws.
Front Frame with brass, threaded inserts for security screws.
• Rear Frame.
• Blanking Plates for unused card reader locations – both SumUp Air and Stripe WisePad blanking plates are included for flexibility.
• 2 x Power button ‘keys’.
• If purchasing the optional legs for desk mounting, M4 countersunk mounting screws and nuts are included.

The tablet, card reader, hub and cables are not included.

We do not supply screws for wall mounting as the required fixings will be dependant on the type of wall.

What additional items do I need?
You will need to source the following items:

• Lenovo Tab M8 Gen 4 tablet
These are available from online retailers such as Amazon or High Street stores such as Currys PC World or Argos.
NOTE – The mount will ONLY fit the Generation 4 version of this tablet. Do not purchase this mount if you have a different generation of the tablet! Sizing, button location, screen dimensions are all different!

• Either a SumUp Air (available to purchase here) or Stripe WisePad 3 Card Reader and associated account.
The Stripe WisePad 3 card reader must be obtained via Give A Little.

• Give A Little Account
Give A Little provide a low cost and easily customisable app platform for receiving donations: https://givealittle.co

• UGREEN Hub, Cables and generic USB-C Coupler
Part Numbers (SKUs) are provided in the instruction document linked here.

• Screws/Fixings/Cable Ties
These will be entirely dependant on your chosen mounting method. 

    • Rear holes are sized for 4mm screws.
    • Cable ties – just a few. These are optional but help to tidy/secure the internal wiring.
      The built in cable tie bases will take up to 2.5mm wide ties.

Assembly and wiring:
Please see the linked instruction documentation for assembly and wiring instructions.
Please note that we cannot provide support relating to wall mounting, wiring or setting up the tablet/card reader and associated accounts. This product is purely a mounting solution and the above PDF is provided to show a suggested method of use with recommended components.

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Additional information


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