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LM84 Legs


Add legs fro counter top use of your  Give A Little Donation Frame (LM84).

The LM84 frame can be wall mounted or used as a counter top point of donation to collect contactless donations. To use on a counter top you will need to order this product.

Included in the package are two legs and 4x standard screws.

Designed and 3D printed in the UK and produced using PLA filament produced in the UK by 3D Quality Filaments

PLEASE NOTE: Set up of the LM84 is a DIY solution and requires a more set up that other ‘off the shelf’ solutions and good working knowledge of Android devices.

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Package includes:
• Two legs
• 4x standard screws.

Assembly and wiring:
Please see the linked instruction documentation for assembly and wiring instructions.
Please note that we cannot provide support relating to wall mounting, wiring or setting up the tablet/card reader and associated accounts. This product is purely a mounting solution and the above PDF is provided to show a suggested method of use with recommended components.

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Additional information


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